Are There Any Positives To Be Taken From 2020?

In recent articles, we’ve discussed lockdown, furlough, redundancy and the extremely competitive job market. Well, how about we end the year on a high and look at some of the positives to come from 2020?

While it’s undoubtedly been a tough year for most, there are some beneficial things that have come out of all the changes around us.  We have outlined 5 good things that have come from a year like no other. 

Focus on Positive Mental Health

Conversations around mental health have been opening up for the past few years with the legal sector. Organisations have been sharing ways to promote good mental health. These include taking time out, being kind to ourselves and getting outdoors for exercise.  We hope that there are some real tangible follow ups from this, in terms of funding and research for mental health services and that these measure are adopted openly by the legal sector.

Less Unnecessary Travel

Love it or hate it, remote working has shown us all how easy it can be to connect with colleagues without having to collaborate face-to-face.  Many of us were previously spending hours, even days, traveling to other cities or countries for conferences, meetings and other work-related events.  While we really see the value in working with people face to face, sometimes trips and meetings are really unnecessary and taking part remotely can be cost effective, save us time and have a positive impact environmentally.


2020 has certainly been a year of innovation, from individuals finding creative ways to spend time with loved ones whilst following their local guidelines, to workplaces adapting to keep their employees and customers safe, to huge scientific advances around the world in a search for a vaccine. Unexpected change can be unnerving but can often lead to creative ideas and better practices. 

Caring for Each Other

Similar to our points around positive mental health, this year has seen people looking out for each other like never before.  We’ve seen people checking on their neighbours and setting up community groups to help those who can’t get out and about for shopping and medication.  Families and friends have been calling or messaging to check in on each other.  People have set up fundraisers and generally just been so thoughtful about elderly and vulnerable people in our society.  That can only be a positive! 


We are not going to say that covid has given us “time to reflect” because in reality people have been juggling a lot, working extra hours, looking after loved ones, homeschooling children and much more.  But while it may not have given us more time, it has definitely given us food for thought.  
Some people have taken up new hobbies, others have decided they need to carve out time for existing ones.  Many people have been looking at how they spend their time and of course, their careers.  For lawyers looking for a change, we can help you to find a job to suit your needs and preferences.  Whether it’s a change of practice area or location, taking the leap can be a nerve-wracking experience. 

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