Working as an In-House Lawyer

Without question, there reaches a point in all lawyers’ careers where they ask the question, ‘Do I want to move In-House?’ The attraction can be obvious in many instances: better hours, increased salaries and a more commercial role, working for one employer rather than multiple clients. However, the grass is not always greener: in specialist sectors. Some in-house roles can be relatively one-dimensional and restrictive which can have an effect on future roles. Equally so, economic factors, such as the current slowdown in the Energy sector. This can have an adverse effect on your employment status which is essentially out of your control. It is essential that you choose wisely, making informed decisions when considering a move to become an in-house solicitor or lawyer.

In House Versus Private Practice

One thing that is evidently clear is that working in-house is different from Private Practice- ask any in-house lawyer. This will be the first comment they will share with you. Many in-house lawyers feel their role is to identify legal issues before they become commercial problems. In many cases, this could be beyond your field of expertise. But, there is an expectation that good in-house lawyers will recognise potential legal issues before they arise, minimising commercial risk.

Well-Rounded Skill Set

In order to achieve this well-rounded skill set, it is essential that as an in-house solicitor or lawyer to fully immerse yourself into the company and their products or services. You will need to be able to demonstrate complete knowledge of your sector and industry and be aware of commercial, regulatory and legal changes that may affect the business.


In recent years, the difference in salaries between those working in private practice and in-house has become a lot narrower. However, traditionally, lawyers in-house are little to have more attractive overall packages. Notably, those working in financial services where they will have access to discounted banking products such as mortgages and attractive pensions plans.

Moving to In House Legal Jobs

Ultimately if you are considering a move in-house, your success will depend on a multiple of factors depending on the work you like to do and the environment you want to do it in.  Making a move in-house can be a career-defining moment. So, it is essential you do your diligence on the company you want to work for and their market sector and industry.

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