CV Writing Tips for Lawyers

When applying for a new role and hoping to get an interview, making your CV stand out is far from easy.

Most lawyers now have similar educational backgrounds and skills, and in order to stand out, you need to make
sure your CV showcases your talent. It can be difficult to know which kind of experience and
skills are relevant and which ones are not. Below, we will give you some tips which will help you
improve your CV and maximise your chances of getting hired.


Your CV should have clearly identifiable sections to it, which should as a minimum
include: personal details, education and qualifications, career history (this being the most
important section on your CV), memberships, publications and interests.

In the career history section, your legal positions should be listed chronologically and
more weight in terms of details and examples should be applied in the same direction-
i.e. provide more detail to your most recent and relevant experience.


Grammar & Spelling

Your CV should have clear grammar and punctuation and always ensure you have no
spelling mistakes or inaccurate information, especially around qualification and dates of


The question of the length of your CV can be a contentious one. Our advice is
always the same. The length of your CV should reflect the level and extent of your
career to date. If you have relevant experience for the role you are applying for, then
make sure it is evident in your CV.


Adopt a Professional Tone – While some fields welcome a creative approach to a CV, the legal
field tends to not be one of them. Keep the tone and language professional and polished.


If you would like some help finding your next legal role, get in touch with Thomson Legal, we
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