How Important is my LinkedIn Profile When Looking for a New Legal Position?

For any type of profession, LinkedIn is a great asset to build a professional network and get access to exciting legal job opportunities. Recently, we have shown you how to answer one of the most important law jobs interviews, and today, we will help you make the most of Linkedin during your job-hunt.

1. Complete Each Section of Your LinkedIn Profile

It can be time-consuming filling out all the sections with your relevant education, work history, and skills, but a half-completed profile will harm your chances of getting a legal role. Be as thorough as possible, and if you do not have law experience yet, include any volunteer or university legal work you may have done.

2. Add a Professional Profile Photo

Adding a photo to your LinkedIn profile will make it more personalised, but you must add a professional looking photo. It would be ideal to use it in other professional accounts, so that your photo will be recognised and become part of your personal brand.

3. Update Your Headline

It is important that you have an updated headline, condensing your role, your experience and credentials to date. This will keep prospective employers up to date with your achievements, and will make it easier for them to assess if you are the right candidate for the role. 

4. Get Endorsed for Your Skills

Getting endorsements from managers, colleagues, professors, or peers, is a great way to show potential recruiters that you are well-respected in your professional life, and that the skills you have listed are backed up by others.

5. Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Resume

Your information on your LinkedIn profile is similar to what you would write in a standard CV, and on Linkedin, there is the option to turn it into a CV.  Using the Resume Builder Tool, you can choose a template, edit details as you like, and export it as a PDF.

By following these 5 steps, you will be standing a better chance of finding your next legal job on Linkedin. If you would like personalised help finding your next legal role, get in touch with Thomson Legal today. We have experience placing many Scottish and Irish lawyers, and helping them advance their career.

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