How To Become A Legal Expert

In our recent blog post, we gave you tips on how to make your next telephone interview a success, and today, we will tell you about the necessary qualities in order to become a respected legal expert.

Hone Your People Skills  

While to be a good lawyer you need to be very knowledgeable and skilled, this is not enough to become a legal expert. You will need to work on building amazing people skills to create connections with clients and build strong business relationships. It is vitally important that you are able maintain excellent internal relations as well as building excellent client relationship skills.

Lead By Example

To become a legal expert, you will need to lead your team by example. It’s important that you show them instead of teaching them. Always privileging best practice rather than shortcuts and being open about the obstacles you’re facing in your work is essential. This will show more junior team members that you’re accessible and that they can come to you for guidance and advice.

Stay Humble  

Once you’re in a senior role in the legal profession and have had your fair share of successes, it can be tempting to make this success about you. However, you should focus on sharing the success with your law firm or company and your peers.  Welcoming employees’ input is a great way to find innovative ideas, or to tackle a problem with a new approach.

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