How to Attract the Best Candidates in the Legal Industry

We know the challenges that come with recruitment.  Considering experience, qualifications and salaries, alongside the recruitment process itself, going through applications, interviews and finding the best fit for the role.

With the Covid-19 outbreak leading to an increase in remote working, candidates have more choice than ever.

So, how can your firm attract the best lawyers in the legal industry? And, what should you do to ensure that you’re the first choice of the best talent in your area?

Read on to find out how to attract the best candidates and how a legal recruitment consultant can help.

1. A Healthy Work Environment

It’s incredibly important to provide your employees with an environment where they can grow professionally and individually. 

With the stress that can come with working in the legal industry, more experienced lawyers tend to look for a job in which they are constantly challenged but in a healthy way.  Your firm needs to ensure that employee mental health is a priority.

2. Promote Your Firm as You Would to Prospective Clients

Show candidates how great your business is, giving examples of workplace culture and projects you’ve worked on.  Remember that recruitment is a two way process and that you are trying to attract the candidates, as much as they are trying to impress.  

Be open about expectations of the role, salaries and workplace culture so that candidates know exactly what to expect and what you are offering.  

3. Make the Recruitment Process Easy

Be clear about the process at each stage of recruitment and be quick at getting back to candidates.  The best talent in the legal industry is likely to be in high demand so communicating and not leaving people waiting will go a long way.

Let Thomson Legal Find the Best Candidates for Your Law Firm

At Thomson Legal, we understand that recruitment can be difficult. With over 20 years experience, we know exactly what candidates are looking for and what your law firm can do to ensure that you’re attracting the best in the legal industry.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details about working with a legal recruitment consultant – we’d love to help you find the perfect candidates for your firm.

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