Market Mapping & Data

What is Legal Recruitment Market Mapping?

Thomson Legal use innovative technology and market knowledge to fully analyse the legal market, allowing our clients to understand their competition and to maximise their effectiveness when approaching potential hires.

Our Approach

We are able to finely tune a search process to allow us to accurately identify legal disciplines, experience levels and location. This is a vital tool that allows us to be able to give a strategic overview of specific markets and clearly identify talent. For clients seeking niche skills sets, this also facilitates us to be able to cover a wide geographic area. This can be useful for new law firms looking to understand the demographics of their competition as well as for established teams with law firms and in-house legal teams looking to continue to grow.


Market Mapping allows clients to evaluate the market when commencing a search process and provides a unique understand of the level/locations of potential hire and the availability of certain skills and experience. Having a clear understanding of your competitive landscape is of great benefit to employers looking to take advantage of any changes to market conditions.

When undertaking a legal search process, market mapping allows us to take a far more proactive approach and specifically target the legal talent best suited to your business.

If you are looking to discuss how a Market Mapping assignment would be of benefit to you business please get in touch with the Thomson Legal team.

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