Telephone Interview Tips

A phone interview is often the first stage in the recruiting process, where an employer will go over your skills and experience to try and get a feel for your both your relevant experience and personality to then decide if they will give you a face to face interview. A phone interview can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re out of practice or have never undertaken one before. It’s normal to be a bit apprehensive, but we will give you a few helpful tips to be prepared and confident for your interview.

Learn About the Company in Advance

Once your phone interview is scheduled, you will need to start preparing for it. You should treat it like a face to face interview and research the company you’re interviewing with beforehand. Looking at their website, press reviews and recent news events is a good way to get an overview and be ready to answer any questions should they arise. You should also take a close look at the job description (if provided) and requirements and write down some of your experience and achievements in case you’re asked about a specific requirement of the role.

Choose a calm location

We recommend having the phone interview at home or a setting where you can minimise external noise. While the interview will be over the phone, it’s still a good idea to sit at a desk or table to allow you to have any documents such as your CV, and the job description at reach in front of you. Most importantly, make sure that no one will interrupt you during the interview.

Give Clear Answers

Because phone interviews tend to be shorter than face-to-face ones, it is likely that you will be asked only a few questions, and it means you will have to give more in-depth answers, and these must be on point.  Anticipate questions from looking at the job description and allow yourself an opportunity to work on your answers in advance to formulate and articulate them in a clear way.

Take your time

A common mistake during phone interviews is to rush answers because you might fear awkward silences. This will only make you seem nervous and might hurt your chances of getting a face to face interview. Instead, if you’re unsure, ask for a couple of seconds to think about the question. If needed, your legal recruiter at Thomson legal can give you more advice on the best ways to prepare for those questions.

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