Return to the office for Lawyers – Renewing Old Routines?

Covid-19 restrictions have eased across the UK and Ireland after a much-awaited drop in active cases. With these precautions subsiding, law firms are resuming their regular operations like other industries and bringing the workforce back to physical office environments is one fundamental change on the horizon.

A return to the office comes with concerns for many lawyers and we expect to see many law firms and in-house legal teams contemplating the changes as per below, in their routines post-Covid-19:

Flexible Working

A significant part of the legal world has now become used to flexible working and resuming normal service with long office hours is undoubtedly going to be a challenge to return to. Therefore, many law firms and in-house legal teams have introduced flexible work routines for their employees- this has included: phased returns, 2/3 days a week in the office and a greater level of flexibility and choice to work from home when required.

Client Interactions

Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures still require us to maintain social distancing and interact online as much as possible. We would expect that this will still see many client meetings that would have been in the office, being done online.

Daily Commutes

When lawyers started working from home, it reduced their commuting time and increased their work capacity. Working full time from the office can be physically and mentally taxing, so for some lawyers, working from home has become preferred option. Employers face a difficult challenge to get the balance right.


The legal sector is currently incredibly buoyant with most law firms and in-house legal teams hiring at an unprecedented rate. If you are considering a career move or simply considering your options you can look at our vacancies page here: vacancies or get in touch to discuss in confidence.

David Thomson

Founder and Director of Thomson Legal Recruitment Company- award-winning legal consultant and a veteran of the legal recruitment market.