Scottish & Irish Lawyers – International Options: An Overview.

Are you looking into moving your legal career overseas? With the global economy showing strong encouraging signs of recovery, there are lots of legal jobs overseas. With current options in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Australia and Offshore, the question is, where do you want to go?

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International Lawyers are Highly Regarded

The experience gained from working in another jurisdiction can have incredible benefits both professionally and personally. Working with internationally renowned teams on high-profile transactions and experiencing new places and making new friends. Scottish and Irish lawyers have always travelled well- As with London, you will find such lawyers working across the globe and held in the highest esteem.

Europe, Asia, Middle East, Offshore or Australia/ New Zealand?

Many lawyers are attracted to the well-documented lifestyle that Australia has to offer. Others who are looking for a move adventurous move and the challenges of working in countries such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, are also increasingly popular. The financial benefits and ‘ex-pat’ lifestyle on offer in Singapore, Hong Kong and Offshore in places such as the Cayman Islands and BVI are also worthy of consideration.

There are options closer to home of course! And moves to the Channel Islands, Switzerland and France (ideally if you have a second language) are also viable options. With so many exciting legal careers prospects let Thomson Legal help you.

Demand for International Candidates

Currently, demand is high internationally for candidates with experience in the following areas: banking, funds, finance, construction, projects, oil & gas, energy and corporate.

Thomson Legal has a network of contacts and affiliates across the globe providing us with the best access to positions and ‘on the ground’ information. Therefore we are kept up to date with the latest available legal jobs overseas. We have experience both of recruiting extensively across the world but also of personally working internationally. Allowing us to advise practically and compassionately on your move overseas.

Make the move to your dream career destination with help from Thomson Legal.

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