The Perks of Working in a Large Law Firm

There is no question that the legal sector is becoming increasingly dominated by large, national and international law firms. Working in a small or medium-sized office and working in a large firm are very different experiences, and they both have advantages and disadvantages. In order to make an informed decision about the next step in your career, it is essential that you decide whether you want to work in a small office, or in one of the largest UK law firms.

Client Demands

The work in a large firm is very demanding and can focus heavily on finance and corporate departments, which have to deal with complex multi-billion-pound transactions. In many instances, you may have to work overtime to complete a case. This is a career path for those who are highly motivated, very hard-working and focused.

Bigger Salary and More Opportunity

A role in a large firm will offer higher salaries and more opportunities for career progression and development than would be available at a smaller firm. Large firms can afford to offer training courses that keep their employees well versed on legal updates. With this additional training you will benefit from lifelong learning – improving your potential and progression.

Name Recognition

If you decide to move on from your current role, working for a well-known leading law firm will stand out on your CV, and will help differentiate you from your competitors when applying to new roles.

Location and Office

Most of the largest UK law firms now have offices across the UK (and increasingly in Ireland), where you will enjoy modern surroundings, and many amenities such as coffee shops and gyms. In order to take on a challenging workload, large law firms are aware that you need some time to balance out the stress in order to stay productive, and so perks such as these ones will often be provided for you.

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